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hello. what d'you think about it? at least you are active here :) --[[user talk:antanana|アンタナナ]] 14:09, 2016 s. yanvarniñ 9 (UTC)
: If I remember correctly, the logo can only be changed by someone with the admin flag. Technically speaking, this can only be [[User:Don Alessandro|Don Alessandro]].--[[Qullanıcı:Ymblanter|Ymblanter]] ([[Qullanıcı muzakeresi:Ymblanter|muzakere]]) 14:21, 2016 s. yanvarniñ 9 (UTC)
::yeah, but to do it the community consensus is needed (right?). and you are a part of this community (even if you do not speak the language, I believe) :) --[[user talk:antanana|アンタナナ]] 09:23, 2016 s. yanvarniñ 11 (UTC)


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