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Deutsch: Die Nationalflagge der Schweiz.
Français : Le drapeau suisse.
Italiano: La bandiera svizzera.
Rumantsch: Bandiera de la Svizra
العربية: العلم القومي لدولة سويسرا.
Čeština: Vlajka Švýcarska.
Cymraeg: Baner y Swisdir.
Dansk: Det Schweiziske flag.
English: The national flag of Switzerland.
Español: La bandera de Suiza.
Magyar: Svájc nemzeti zászlaja
日本語: スイスの国旗
한국어: 스위스의 국기.
Nederlands: De vlag van Zwitserland.
Português: A bandeira da Suíça.
Slovenščina: Državna zastava Švice.
ไทย: ธงชาติ ประเทศสวิตเซอร์แลนด์
中文: 瑞士國旗。
Українська: Прапор Швейцарії.
Tiếng Việt: Quốc kỳ Thụy Sỹ.
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Menba Pantone Color Finder Construction sheet

Vector graphics: Flag_of_Switzerland.svg: User:Marc Mongenet

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Original upload log

  • File:Flag_of_Switzerland.svg licensed with PD-shape
    • 2010-02-16T05:20:43Z Reisio 320x320 (280 Bytes) we don't work for the swiss government / aren't we trying to represent _real_ flags?
    • 2010-02-15T20:33:55Z Zscout370 320x320 (277 Bytes) I received another copy of the Swiss Government design manual; they stated for online use, the arms and flag must be #ff0000.
    • 2009-11-30T22:19:48Z Zscout370 320x320 (280 Bytes) At a conference I went to, I was handed Swiss Army Regulation 51.340 D, about Swiss military flags. A construction sheet was provided and, while we had the cross sizes correct, it was loo large in accordance with the flag siz
    • 2009-08-10T21:11:59Z Zscout370 300x300 (280 Bytes) Reduce code
    • 2009-04-20T16:52:32Z Wrightbus 300x300 (551 Bytes) 2nd correction
    • 2009-04-20T16:45:07Z Wrightbus 300x300 (550 Bytes) corrected code
    • 2009-04-20T16:42:31Z Wrightbus 300x300 (554 Bytes) Fixed "No Character encoding declared at document level"
    • 2008-11-25T06:36:08Z Fibonacci 300x300 (533 Bytes) Simplified code.
    • 2007-09-16T15:18:51Z AnonMoos 300x300 (576 Bytes) trying to get image to display at all pixel sizes
    • 2006-03-29T20:41:05Z Marc Mongenet 300x300 (527 Bytes) Correct 5:7:6:7:5 ratio for cross, same colors
    • 2006-03-29T04:33:44Z Reisio 250x250 (592 Bytes) Reverted to earlier revision
    • 2006-03-23T01:08:41Z -xfi- 600x600 (378 Bytes) recode
    • 2006-03-21T05:24:50Z -xfi- 600x600 (400 Bytes) "…arms of equal length are a sixth longer than their width…", not 6:5 but 7:6! dimensions set to 600×600, same colors, less bytes
    • 2006-02-01T19:38:40Z Reisio 250x250 (592 Bytes) switch to Pantone corresponder, as per talk
    • 2006-01-30T05:59:59Z Zscout370 250x250 (592 Bytes) Following instruction of colors used at http://www.cdbund.admin.ch/downloads/CD_Bund_Handbuch_1.pdf
    • 2005-12-20T13:34:46Z Reisio 250x250 (588 Bytes) cleanup s'more, add some info
    • 2005-12-17T23:23:10Z Reisio 250x250 (471 Bytes) cleanup markup (don't seem to grasp the concept of cloning yet, s'pose I should look it up)
    • 2005-12-16T07:18:28Z Zscout370 250x250 (1631 Bytes) I cloned the cross, no other changes.
    • 2005-12-02T12:00:40Z Reisio 250x250 (3359 Bytes) rv - please read: http://www.eda.admin.ch/tokyo_emb/e/home/polsys.html http://flagspot.net/flags/ch.html http://www.swissworld.org/eng/swissworld.html?siteSect=602&sid=5091030&rubricId=14020
    • 2005-12-02T11:56:04Z E Pluribus Anthony 600x600 (913 Bytes) Reverted to earlier revision
    • 2005-12-02T11:55:14Z Reisio 250x250 (3359 Bytes) it doesn't, and it's clear you haven't researched this at all
    • 2005-12-02T11:47:23Z E Pluribus Anthony 600x600 (913 Bytes) Reverted to earlier revision
    • 2005-12-02T11:31:25Z Reisio 250x250 (3359 Bytes) rv to previous version with proper cross dimensions
    • 2005-12-02T10:49:04Z E Pluribus Anthony 600x600 (913 Bytes) Flag of Switzerland
    • 2005-12-02T00:06:37Z Reisio 250x250 (3359 Bytes) brighter red
    • 2005-10-15T01:32:54Z Zscout370 300x300 (1187 Bytes) http://www.firmenfahnen.ch/_fahnen/schweizerfahne/schweizerfahne.htm also said Pantone 485 and 1805
    • 2005-10-15T00:10:20Z Zscout370 300x300 (1187 Bytes) The Swiss Consul in Los Angeles, California sent me a package containing information about the flag. While they have not said anything about the color shades, I am going use R 246, G 0, B 39.
    • 2005-10-12T01:45:27Z Zscout370 300x300 (1316 Bytes) I received an email from the Swiss Consul in Los Angeles, California, about how to make the flag. The said to make a 25x25 unit sqaure, make the white center sqaure 5x5 units, and each arm 5x6 units. I have fixed the flag acc
    • 2005-10-09T23:50:47Z Zscout370 300x300 (3056 Bytes) The The national flag of Switzerland. I used http://www.vexilla-mundi.com/switserland.htm as my construction sheet and the red I used was Pantone 485. [[Category:SVG flags]]

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